Interim Management

Interim management is the provision of business solutions by a high-level senior executive, over a finite time.

These executives bring well-qualified skills and expertise at short notice without the complications associated with traditional employment, working independently, delivering results, not only advice.

They consult, plan, advise, implement and transfer knowledge.

Hiring modalities may include :

Full-time, over a finite time

Part-time, according to your needs

What interim managers are engaged to do :

Specialist skills requirement

When those skills are not available for you; for as long as you require them.

Transformation and reconversion

Their experience allows them to make a great impact on :

  1. Professionalization of family businesses
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Interactions with investment funds
  4. Restructuring and Turnaround
  5. Other critical business situations


When there is a need to develop key talent  via on-the-job coaching and over a finite time

Additional resources

In the event of executives leaving or being absent or to support specific projects with critical execution time frames.

Consultancy and implementation

They can efficiently act as consultants, not only assessing, advising and suggesting, but also implementing their recommendations and being held accountable for the results.


Those executives interested in performing as interim managers may send their CV´s to :

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