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Faz Fazal Joins Amrop in Sydney

Amrop welcomes Faz Fazal as Managing Partner at Amrop Carmichael Fisher in Sydney, Australia.

Faz has successfully assisted organisations in building their people, teams and cultures through the successful delivery of search mandates across Finance, Strategy, Sales, Marketing & Product, Legal, Risk & Compliance, Technology, Operations and General Management - including the complete C-Suite of leadership roles across an organisation.

Faz began his career as a finance professional in the UK, having worked in a number of industries from telecoms to banking. In 1996, he entered the talent acquisition industry working for a global FTSE 100 listed consulting group; this then led to his transfer to Australia in 2000.

Since 2000, Faz has built his reputation as one of Australia's leaders in Talent & Executive Search; having built, developed and led teams that support organisations in achieving their growth strategies – achieved through the successful recruitment, retention, management and development of key people.

Outside of work, Faz is a keen Martial Artist having trained and instructed in the art of Kung Fu since his teens.

Faz holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Decision Sciences from the University of Hertfordshire. His post-graduate studies include the completion of the professional accounting qualification CIMA in the UK.